Two proposals in relation with GoTransTech and RISE in the running for funding as new Clusters of Excellence

In connection with the two Innovation Networks GoTransTech and RISE, two Cluster of Excellence proposals have been selected for the next round of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. You can read the detailed announcement from TUM here.

NEUROTECH: How the brain processes numbers

Together with his research team of the TUM Innovation Network NEUROTECH, Professor Jacob has developed a new approach to measure human brain activity down to the cellular level.

NEUROTECH: Using Big Data against mental disorders

The TUM Innovation Network NEUROTECH, which brings together neuroscientists and clinicians, uses innovative methods to identify neuronal patterns in order to better understand cognitive disorders, chronic pain and mental illnesses.

Funding for new TUM Innovation Networks

Three new TUM Innovation Networks started on October 1st, 2022. With CoConstruct, Earth Care and GoTransTech, there are now eight TUM Innovation Networks bringing TUM Schools together as part as their research strategy "Emerging Field Policy".

NEUROTECH: Munich Neurotechnology Lecture on Nov. 10, 2022

Keynote speech on the topic "Advancing closed-loop deep brain stimulation for neuropsychiatric conditions" hold by Dr. Edward Chang, (Department of Neurological Surgery, UC San Francisco).

NEUROTECH: Brain research beyond neurology

How other disciplines, apart from medicine, contribute to research in psychiatric and neurological diseases?

Two new TUM Innovation Networks starting

Following ARTEMIS, RISE, and NEUROTECH in 2021, two new TUM Innovation Networks are about to start this spring. eXprt (Exoskeleton and wearables enhanced prevention and treatment) and NextGenDrugs (Next generation drug design) have been chosen by TUM Board of Management for a four-year funding…

Learn more about research in the Innovation Network ARTEMIS

Researchers of the Innovation Network ARTEMIS have been working together for about one year on the topic of supramolecular materials and their use in medicine and energy production supported by machine learning.

TUM Exploratory Workshops 2021

Researchers who submitted the most promising ideas in the 2nd round of Innovation Networks Call, have been invited by the TUm Institute for Advanced Studies (TUM-IAS) to participate in Exploratory Workshops.

The Call for Proposals for the next Innovation Networks is open

With the Innovation Networks, TUM supports promising ideas and high-potential research topics that are still in infancy today. Furthermore, it promotes an open dialogue between all scientific disciplines. Apply as a project team for a TUM Innovation Network and submit your initial ideas by September…