Funding for new TUM Innovation Networks

Three new TUM Innovation Networks started on October 1st, 2022. With CoConstruct, Earth Care and GoTransTech, there are now eight TUM Innovation Networks bringing TUM Schools together as part as their research strategy "Emerging Field Policy".

The focus of the third round of the TUM Innovation Networks is set up on the one side on engineering and on the other side on economics and social sciences in technology.

CoConstruct (Collaborative Construction), coordinated by Prof. Christoph Gehlen, deals with the topic of human-machine interaction in architecture and construction.

EarthCare (Twin Earth Methodologies for Biodiversity, Natural Hazards, and Urbanisation), coordinated by Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu, explores the broad topic of Earth observation through different case studies using AI and innovative modelling technologies.

GoTransTech (Governing Transformative Technologies), coordinated by Prof. Sebastian Pfotenhauer, deals with the complex dynamics of transformative technological innovation with respect to individuals, organisations and societies.