TUM Exploratory Workshops 2021

Researchers who submitted the most promising ideas in the 2nd round of Innovation Networks Call, have been invited by the TUm Institute for Advanced Studies (TUM-IAS) to participate in Exploratory Workshops.

These 2-days workshops aim at deepening their project idea so as to elaborate a concept paper reflecting the motto "risking creativity". The concept paper will be the final basis for making a funding decision of the TUM Innovation Networks 2022.

Through the TUM Exploratory Workshops, TUM-IAS fosters a dynamic between different researchers beyond the TUM Schools and disciplines around a common subject with various applications and future-oriented challenges.

The 4 workshops, which will take place online between December 1st and 10th, will focus on the following topics: Deep learning, neuroengineering, circular economy, health and drug design, and education and technologies.