Next Generation Drug Design

The goal of the TUM Innovation Network Next Generation Drug Design (NextGenDrugs) is to act as a pioneer for completely new approaches in drug development. In particular in the field of cancer medicine, but also in infectious diseases, such approaches are urgently needed and are now accessible due to recent developments in the life sciences. NextGenDrugs brings together experts from medicine, life sciences, chemistry and computational sciences to jointly realize this goal.

Within NextGenDrugs, we will spearhead the development of drugs with a new mode of action: Can we specifically modulate cellular protein-networks to kill cancer cells? In parallel, we will develop completely new classes of biomolecules as targets for cancer therapy. In order to fight cancer cells while sparing the body's own cells, another focus of NextGenDrugs is to increase the targeting specificity of drugs. In addition to new approaches in cancer therapy, there is an urgent need for action in the field of infectious diseases. For the first time, we will intervene in the communication of bacteria with their host to circumvent resistances arising from classical therapies.

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