TUM Innovation Networks: Promoting pioneering spirit and transdisciplinary research

Transdisciplinary teams, collective creativity, new ideas - and the freedom to pursue them: We investigate groudbreaking research questions and explore high-potential innovation fields at the interfaces of the classical disciplines.

Our Innovation Networks

The first three TUM Innovation Networks address the development of novel materials using machine learning (ARTEMIS), the diagnosis and treatment of psychological illnesses using Artificial Intelligence (AI) (NEUROTECH), and investigation of the nature of life using chemical and biophysical experiments in combination with AI and robotics (RISE).

The two newest Innovation Networks focus, on the one hand on therapy and prevention for people with motor impairments using wearables and sensor technologies (eXprt) and, on the other hand, on the development of new drugs using findings from computational and experimental molecular biology and advanced preclinical model systems (NextGenDrugs).


Creative transdisciplinary projects

In TUM Innovation Networks seven to ten Principal Investigators (PIs) work closely together on a transdisciplinary basis to explore new fields of research and make early progress in shaping critical mass for future innovation hotspots. They pave the way for new connections between our Schools and Departments.

TUM supports each of these transdisciplinary initiatives for four years. The Innovation Network teams consist of as many as ten doctoral candidates and postdocs in addition to the PIs. Each project has an overall scope of approximately 3 million euros. The TUM Innovation Networks are a central component of our Excellence Strategy TUM Agenda 2030.