FutureSpace Indonesia: Innovative Approaches Unveiled at Clean Energy & Waste Management Symposium

In a recent collaborative effort, FutureSpace, a student initiative supported by the TUM SEED Center, joined forces with School of Business and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology, to organize a transformative symposium. The event, hosted at theFreeport Building Auditorium on the ITB campus, brought together experts from diverse sectors to explore cutting-edge strategies for integrating sustainability into business operations, with a focus on clean energy adoption and waste-management.

Commencing with a captivating keynote, the symposium underscored the importance of a global mindset and ethical practices in navigating the challenges posed by clean energy adoption and waste management in businesses. The instrumental role played by the student-led initiative FutureSpace in both organizing and infusing energy into the event was noteworthy, with active participation from like-minded and passionate students.

Throughout the symposium, real-life entrepreneurs shared invaluable insights on climate change facts and proactive business strategies. The event illuminated practical approaches to combatting food loss and waste, shedding light on the advantages of embracing sustainable energy technologies to address the economic, environmental, and social impacts of these challenges.

As the symposium drew to a close, a resounding call for collaborative efforts between businesses, and communities emphasized the urgency of sustainable change. This included tackling climate change, addressing food insecurity, and deploying sustainable energy technologies. FutureSpace's dynamic involvement served as a testament to the potential of student-led initiatives in propelling positive change, inspiring ITB students to envision their roles as future leaders championing sustainability.

FutureSpace, student initiative supported by TUM SEED Center, leads the charge in promoting the synergy of sustainable energy and entrepreneurship. Fueled by the enthusiasm of youth and active students, this initiative strives to create a positive impact on local communities in West Java, Indonesia. Guided by Ms. Defrina Dwifani, a Master Student in the School of Business and Management at ITB Indonesia and recipient of the Student Initiative Founder Scholarship from TUM SEED Center, FutureSpace has grown into one of Bandung's fast-growing student initiatives. Defrina's commitment and leadership have been instrumental in shaping FutureSpace's success in the realms of sustainable energy and entrepreneurship.