TUM Industry Engagement Program

Our innovation program for companies to network with TUM and make the best out of TUM ecosystem

  • Do you want to address current challenges and anticipate future needs?
  • Do you want to engage in the innovation ecosystem more strategically and expand your innovation pipeline?
  • And are you looking for the right partners to achieve your goals?

The TUM Industry Engagement Program is the contact platform of TUM for companies and helps to make the most out of the resources and opportunities of the TUM ecosystem. We offer an attractive program for research-based companies of all sizes that are looking for a first contact point and want to get to know TUM and its competencies. For our established business partners, it offers the opportunity to work with us even more strategically and to raise our joint innovative strength to a new level of performance.

Future Needs

Address current needs and anticipate future challenges. Work with TUM pioneers to develop the technical solutions that will advance your company and our society.


Our Expertise

Network with leading experts in the field - get in touch with our professorships and scientific talents at Technische Universität München.


Our Mission

In times of accelerated transformation and flux, change will be our constant. With our wide-ranging experience, we always face new challenges and seize promising opportunities to promote the sustainable development of new technologies. We will only be able to tailor the functionality of technical systems more effectively to human needs by successfully integrating economy, ecology, health, and innovative engineering processes. We want to bring field-leading experts from industry and academia together to solve society‘s biggest problems.

Connect with TU Munich

All of us face significant challenges in today‘s world and we believe the right collaboration can make the impossible possible. We partner with leading corporations to solve real and pressing problems, offering industry access to a wide range of knowledge, inspiration and top talents.

Are you interested?

Contact us at TUM ForTe to learn more about the TUM Industry Engagement Program! Feel free to write to research-cooperations@tum.de or to Dr. Carolin Herzog (herzogC@zv.tum.de) and Carla Herrmann (herrmannC@zv.tum.de).