TUM Industry Engagement Program

Our offer to industry for networking and communication with TUM

The TUM Industry Engagement Program serves as a contact platform between the Technische Universität München and the industry. It offers an attractive opportunity for companies of all sizes that are looking for initial contact and would like to get to know TUM and its competencies. For our established industry partners, the program provides the opportunity to work with us more strategically and to raise our joint innovative strength to a new level of performance.

Connect your company

with leading experts in the field and get in touch with our professors and scientific talents at the Technical University of Munich.

Solve critical issues

and team up with TUM pioneers in the field and develop the technical solutions that your business and our society really need.

TUM Industry Engagement Program Focus Area "Intelligent Robotics"

The first subject area of the TUM Industry Engagement Program (TUM IEP) will be the Focus Area "Intelligent Robotics", which will be hosted and lead by Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI).

Our offer:

  • We provide a specialized Industry Engagement Officer who simplifies your interaction with TUM’s robotics and AI community.
  • We customize and coordinate various information and interaction formats, e.g. exclusive webinars by researchers, inspiring insight tours at labs, informative newsletters or the annual industry day at TUM.
  • We team up with you to establish and intensify interaction with TUM‘s excellent scientists, young talents and spin-offs in the field of robotics and AI.

Coming soon!

More Focus Areas in the Industry Engagement Program are currently beeing planned:

  • Mobility
  • Machine Learning
  • Energy
  • Bio&Chemistry

Are you interested?

Feel free to contact us at TUM ForTe to learn more about the TUM Industry Engagement Program! Please write to research-cooperations@tum.de or to Ms. Roas (Roas@zv.tum.de).

If you want to know more as soon as the Focus Area "Intelligent Robotics" starts, write us an email at industry-cooperations@mirmi.tum.de and follow us on LinkedIn mirmi-tum and Twitter @MIRMI_TUM!