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The Tao of Token Economies: Token Design Thinking & Engineering

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On July 12th Token Engineering Munich will be organizing a workshop on Token Design Thinking & Engineering

As our world becomes more interconnected, we are forced to integrate our mental models of previously distinct domains. From cyber-physical systems (e.g., IoT & automation) to socio-economic systems (e.g., incentives & human behavior), society and technology are co-evolving in faster and more complex ways than ever before.


This workshop brings together system engineers, machine learning experts, economists and computer scientists with applied research as well as entrepreneurial backgrounds. Our aim is to seed a strong community in the emerging discipline of Token Engineering.

The workshop is with limited seats, so please apply with your motivation to be part of this kickoff in Munich. You will have the opportunity to get together with the pioneers in Token Design Thinking & Engineering and join the quest to reprogram our digitalizing societies to reflect on what we value and how to embed these values into our programmable worlds, starting with our infrastructures of living, mobility, energy.


July 12, 2019



Marsstraße 20

  • Impulse Talk: Token Economy - Why?
  • Deep Dive : Token Engineering - How to optimize using cadCAD
  • Impulse Talk: Token Design Thinking - Knowing what to optimize


  • Dr. Shermin Vorshmgir - Token Economies Cryptoeconomics Institute
  • Dr. Michael “Z” Zargham - Complex Adaptive Systems Computer Aided Design, BlockSciens
  • Dr. Denis Krompass - AI automation framework, CreaidAI, Siemens AI Lab Application Domains
  • Michael Reuter - Tokenization of German Real Estate Fund
  • Sebnem Rusitschka - Token Model for Energy The Sun Protocol, The Electraseed Fund
  • Constantin Schwaab - ev-charging (EWF affiliate und slock.it partner). - Wirelane 
  • Theofanis Alexandroupolis - Finance Syntrix


  • Prof Dr. Volker Tresp - Machine Learning at Scale in Automation Industry
  • Prof Dr. Sandra Hirche - Control Theory
  • Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe - Strategy and Organization
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Utschick - Optimization 

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